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Adding video URL

Uploading your video URL for stats analysis is a breeze!

Here's how it works:

1. Find the video URL: Whether your video is on iCloud, Youtube, Dropbox, or Google Drive, simply locate the URL. For example, if you have a video on your iPhone, ensure your videos are synced to iCloud. Then select the video you want to upload, tap the share icon and choose "Copy Link" to copy the URL. The below screenshots show this flow.

2. Paste the URL: In the app, paste the copied URL into the provided field "Video URL".

3. Set Permissions: Make sure permissions for the video URL are set to "anyone with the link" can view.

That's it! Please note that iOS 16.1 or greater is required for uploading videos from an iPhone.

go to photos - first step to uploading a video
select share- second step for uploading a video
copy iCloud link - third step for uploading a video

Video Recording Tips

Follow these tips for high quality game recordings.

1. Camera Location: Set your camera around 6ft off the back corner of the court. Or also directly behind the court. Just make sure that the baseline is visible and all players are in frame. See below for tripod This will help capture the entire court and all the action!

2. Zoom Out: Zooming out to 0.5x on your iPhone or camera can help ensure the entire court is in view. This will prevent any shots from being cut off.

3. Tripod for Height & Stability: A tripod helps to keep the camera stable and provide an elevated angle of the court. Ideally, the camera should be positioned at chest height or higher for a better view of the court. We recommend either a free-standing tripod or one that can cling to the fence.

4. Video Quality: Make sure that the video quality is clear. If the video is blurry or of low quality, it may not be suitable for accurate match statistics.

Happy recording!

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