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Let us handle it for you.

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Overview of a Game screen shot
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Combo - $24.99 per game

Get the best of both worlds, clips and advanced stats provides a powerful combination to analyze the game through visual clips and hard data. Definitively answer the question, how well did I play?

Each player that participates in the match can view the clips and advanced stats from their app. Let the competitive talk commence!

What you get:

1. Score Flow chart visualizes the games progress.

2. Clips - highlights, low lights, best rallies all in one place.

3. Advanced stats for all players that tracks unforced errors and winning shots by type: Drive, Dink, Drop, Volley, Lob, Overhead, Serve, ATP, Erne.
Tap the match on the Feed tab to view the stats and clips!

End of Rally - $19.99 per game

Our team of trained analysts will watch your game and meticulously record every end-of-rally shot.

Whether its a drive winner or a dink error, we capture the details around the winning or losing shot to provide deeper insight into your game.

What you get:

1. Count of unforced errors or winners by player

2. Breakdown by shot type including Drive, Dink, Drop, Volley, Lob, Overhead, Serve, ATP, Erne by forehand/backhand.

View your match stats on the match details page!

Advanced stats breakdown screenshot

All Shot Analysis - $29.99

All shot Analysis tracks every shot throughout a rally, and the game.


Get full breakdown - unlocking a whole new level of analysis, including visualizations of your serves, returns, dinks, and more.

Check out a sample report here, to see what your game readout will look like!

  • Video URL submission must be a Youtube link

  • Clips are not included in All Shot Analysis


Note: Match report will be visible in the app, but stats won’t yet contribute to your Stats on the Me tab

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